Sur Desalination Extension

The expansion project is an Independent Water Project (IWP) to be developed on a build-own-operate basis and will be located adjacent to the existing reverse osmosis project at Sur to benefit from its synergies. The additional water capacity produced by the expansion project will help in meeting the projected demand for potable water in the Sharqiyah region. It will Increase the total production of the Sur IWP to up to 29 MIDG (131,837 m³/day) until 2036 so that it is capable of supplying drinking water to almost 600,000 inhabitants. 

Execution of this Water Expansion Project will create value for all shareholders by generating additional revenue for the expansion and also thanks to the existing plant Water Purchase Agreement term extension from 2029 to 2036.

The management is currently working on defining the coming important steps of the plant’s expansion which are mainly related to the challenges represented by the construction phase, which is anticipated to be completed by end of Q3 2016, and the financing of the operations. 

The progress of the construction works can be followed online on this livestream: