In-Country Value (ICV)

Recruiting, training, and developing our local workforce

The In-Country Value (ICV) is a very important part of Oman’s development strategy and with our 22-year contract (as of 2007) of the Sur Desalination Plant, it is one of our responsibilities to contribute to the development of the Sultanate of Oman. To meet this ambition and to ensure quality services to the client, Veolia has identified three challenges to be dealt with as a solutions provider:

  • recruitment;
  • competency development/training;
  • employee engagement.

As evidence of our will to create added-value in Oman, and in order to comply with all aspects of the Omani legal regulation, Veolia is implementing an ambitious omanization program (aiming at replacing expatriate workers with trained Omani employees) in Sur Desalination Plant based on 5 pillars:

  • Omanization of the workforce
  • Training of Omani nationals
  • Job Shadowing program for the manager positions
  • School relationship development and deployment of an adequate employee compensation
  • Benefits policy


Omanization - a success story 

One of the best examples to show the benefits of Omanization can be given with the Contract Director Murshid Al Fanna (born in Sur, Sultanate of Oman)
Since January 2015, Murshid is managing Bahwan Veolia.  In this capacity, he is leading a team of 75 people and heading the Sur Desalination Plant producing 83,500 m3 of drinking water every day. 
Prior to becoming Contract Manager, Murshid has been in charge of Human Resources and Administration at Bahwan Veolia for 8 years.  During this time, he first completed a Mechanical training course in the Technical and Administrative Training Institute in Muscat, then obtained a certification in Leadership from the French Veolia Campus in 2012 and finally completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with 4 months spent in the USA in 2014. 

I am proud of working for Veolia - the global leader in optimized resource management that contributes to the sustainable development of communities and industries. 
In my current position as Contract Manager of Bahwan Veolia in my hometown Sur, I can give something back to my own community. 
What I am the most thankful for is having the trust of my company during the whole development of my career since 2007.

Maximizing the In-Country Value