Investing in Local Communities

We support the economic development of our communities by prioritizing local procurement and recruitment and providing training opportunities for local young people. We also carry out various community engagement programs - from distributing food vouchers to disadvantaged families to providing an Iftar tent during Ramadan for the local community in Sur: Press Release

One of our main focuses is on educating local young people about the environment and its importance so they are aware of the environmental issues we face and how each and every one of can make a difference to the future of our planet. One example is the expert talk about water quality done in the context of the World Water Day in 2015: Press Release
To raise awareness of water as a precious resource to be conserved, we are working with the Ministry of Education to supply education materials to local schools. An Education Center will be built next to the Desalination Plant with the aim to educate children about water through interactive activities and experiments. And we encourage schools to get in touch to arrange a tour of the facility to learn more about water and the process of desalination. The educational video about the scarce resource water and the desalination process and the Water Cycle posters are only two examples.