Bahwan Veolia

Bahwan Veolia is an O&M company which operates and maintains the existing Sur Desalination Plant on behalf of the Sharqiyah Desalination Company for a period of 29 years (contract signed in 2007). It is a Joint Venture between two leaders in water technology and engineering - Veolia and Bahwan Engineering Company.


The mission

  • Producing potable water as per the demand and within the current plant maximum water capacity of 83,500 m³/day
  • Satisfying and complying with Omani Standard for potable water and to others specifics World Health Organization requirements in terms of water quality
  • Maintaining the plant and the assets to guarantee the highest equipment availability on the entire contract period
  • Managing the Reverse Osmosis Membranes replacement
  • Assuring efficient water production performances utilizing the minimum required chemicals and the lowest specific energy (kWh/m³)
  • Implementing a long term asset management system by investing in new equipment as and when required to keep the plant at its maximum technical performances